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Speakers for 2019 Healthtech O2O Summit

Dr Tak-Yi Chui - Under Secretary for Food and Health, Food and Health Bureau, the Government of Hong Kong

Dr Tak-Yi Chui is the undersecretary for Food and Health of the government of Hong Kong. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong, in 1981. He has served in the public health care system of Hong Kong for more than 30 years. His current duties are to assist and support the Secretary for Food and Health in the setting of policy objectives and priorities on agriculture, fisheries, food safety, veterinary public health, environmental hygiene, medical and health, and related implementation issues, handling Legislative Council business and strengthening the working relationship with Legislative Council, and engaging and liaising with all stakeholders to explain and solicit support for government policies and decisions.

Dr Ngai-tseung Cheung - Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Hospital Authority

Dr. NT Cheung is the Head of Information Technology & Health Informatics and Chief Medical Informatics Officer of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA), and also the Consultant for eHealth for the Hong Kong Government. He has taken HKHA from a virtual “green
fields” site to today’s situation where clinical information systems have become ubiquitous and
indispensable in the care delivery process. His current work focuses on taking the Hospital Authority’s Clinical Management System (CMS) on a generational leap, working with clinicians and executives and embracing innovative IT and data driven approaches to enable new
and enhanced healthcare service delivery models. He also works with the Government and other stakeholders to develop the recently launched territory-wide Electronic Health Record Sharing System in Hong Kong.

NT is active in the informatics research and education communities, and is a frequent speaker at international conferences. He holds a medical degree from the University of Sydney and a Master’s degree in computing science from Imperial College, London.

Prof. Ronald Li - CEO & Co-Founder, Novoheart

Prof. Ronald Li is the CEO and co-founder of Novoheart, a global stem cell biotechnology company pioneering an array of next-generation human heart tissue prototypes for revolutionizing drug discovery, including the world's first 'human heart-in-a-jar'. He is concurrently Director of Ming Wai Lau Centre for Reparative Medicine, HK node, Karolinska Institutet (KI), Sweden. Prof. Li has been an advocate of stem cell technology for many years, starting from his career as Assistant Professor of Cardiology, and Cellular and Molecular Medicine, at the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) School of Medicine. He founded and led the Human Embryonic Stem Cell Consortium when he was recruited in 2005 to become a tenured Associate Professor at the University of California, Davis, in light of state’s USD3-billion stem cell initiative Proposition 71. Prof. Li also co-directed the Section of Cardiovascular Cell & Tissue Engineering in Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai with Prof. Kevin Costa, and was the founding director of the Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine Consortium at HKU.


Prof. Li has published over 150 articles and received multiple accolades and recognitions during his career, including the Spirit of Hong Kong Innovating for Good Award by the South China Morning Post (2015), the Top Young Faculty Award (2002, 2004), the Top Prize for the Young Investigator Basic Research (2001) and Top Postdoctoral Fellow Helen Taussig Award (2001) of JHU School of Medicine, Young Investigator Award 1st Prize from the Heart Rhythm Society (2002), Career Development Award from the Cardiac Arrhythmias Research & Education Foundation (2001), and awards from the American Heart Association including Best Study of 2005 and Ground-breaking Study of 2006. 

Celina Chew - President, Bayer Group Greater China

Since 1 September 2014, Celina Chew has been the President of Bayer Group Greater China and Chairman of Bayer (China) Limited. 

Ms. Chew joined the Bayer Greater China Legal Department in 1997 and assumed the position of Head of Legal for Bayer in Greater China in 1998. Prior to her assignment at Bayer, she spent 8 years working as a lawyer at international law firms. 

During her term as Head of Legal from 1998 to 2011, Celina Chew provided legal support to the Bayer Group of companies in relation to investments and operations in Greater China, and was also a member of the Bayer (China) Ltd. Corporate Management Team where she had special responsibility for additional topics such as Sustainability. In this period, Celina was also a member of the Bayer China Country Council. In July 2011, Celina took over the position of Country Group Head for Bayer Group in the North ASEAN Region and Managing Director of Bayer Thai Co. Ltd, as well as Head of Bayer MaterialScience for North ASEAN Region. In this role, she was responsible for Bayer’s operations in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. 

Ms. Chew holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honors) degree from the University of Western Australia and a Masters of Laws (Distinction) degree from the University of Hong Kong.

Eugene Borukhovich - Global Head of Digital Health (G4A), Bayer

Eugene Borukhovich is a serial intra & entrepreneur currently serving as a Global Head of Digital Health (G4A) at Bayer. He’s also an Entrepreneur in Residence at Personal Health Solutions (PHS), and a founder of Health 2.0 NYC, Amsterdam & Dusseldorf local chapters. Eugene enjoys mentoring digital health startups and an avid blogger about innovation, digital health and startups. He can be found at @HealthEugene or

Mark Wales - CEO & Co-founder, Galileo Platforms

Mark is a co-founder of Galileo Platforms, an insurtech company focused on Asia. Galileo Platforms is a B2B platform technology company serving the insurance sector. Using blockchain technology, Galileo cost-efficiently connect distributors and insurers, enabling them to transact in real-time and to deliver a seamless, digital customer journey.


Mark has over 30 years’ experience in Information Technology in the financial services industry, substantially in Life Insurance, Wealth Management, Funds Management and Investment Banking. Mark has held senior executive positions in leading banks, insurance companies and consulting organisations. He has a strong track record in IT strategy and architecture and a reputation for working with businesses to create transformational IT projects that deliver real business value and results.

Maria Chui - COO, Super X Sportswear Group

Maria Chui is the COO of SX Group, the global wearable healthtech group consists of Accapi (Italy) and Super X (Hong Kong) patented and trademarked fashion technologies, including the world's first garment that certified CE Medical Device Class 1 since 2008. Maria has been working for more than 20 years in the fashion and accessory licensing industry in both distribution and production. In 2005, She has first launched Walt Disney high end fashion line in China, and joined Super X Sportswear in 2008 to focus on new technical and functional garment R&D which were successfully launched and start-up in Japan, Taiwan and the Greater China markets. Wearable healthtech is her key passion and she always look for the new break-through innovation, which will bring excitement and awareness to the wear-to-health market. With Maria's hand-on experiences in production and extended knowledge in garment industry, she is one of the key person for the group's productions and further development on 24x7 ready-to-wear healthtech innovations.

Julien de Salaberry - CEO & Founder, Galen Growth Asia

Julien is the CEO and co-founder of Galen Growth Asia (GGA), the leading exclusive HealthTech research, analytics and advisory firm in Asia Pac serving Fortune 500 companies and global investors. GGA has built a portfolio of solutions to catalyse direct collaboration between enterprises, startups and investors to prototype, evaluate and implement HealthTech solutions and create significant financial and social value.


With its mandate as the regional ecosystem builder, Galen Growth Asia sits at the epicentre of it and works closely with enterprise, investors and startup ventures. Julien is also the founder of The Propell Group, an early-stage venture investor and advisory firm, based in Singapore, focused on HealthTech innovation. He has over 15 years of experience in healthcare with leading brands including Eli Lilly, Boston Scientific, Baxter, GSK, Merck&Co.

Edgar Salmeron - Business and Creative Director, Neat Interactive

Edgar co-founded Neat Interactive in 2012, providing online marketing strategy and implementation to clients targeting China and the greater APAC region. Clients have included pharmaceuticals, B2B in science and engineering, retail and hospitality. Originally from Los Angeles, Edgar moved to Thailand in 2010 after receiving his Masters degree from the University of Southern California in 2009. Edgar entered online marketing from the technical side, having begun creating websites since 1998 and being immersed in the advent of online marketing as search engines and social media platforms gained popularity. With 20 years of technical and creative expertise, Edgar leads a team dedicated to ensuring that clients can use online marketing to assist them in meeting their business objectives.

Dr Sharon McKendry - Head of Trade for Science, Energy and Technology, Scottish Development International

Dr Sharon McKendry has recently taken on the role as Head of Trade for Science, Energy and Technology within Scottish Development International – the international arm of Scotland’s national economic development agencies.


Trained as an organic chemist, Sharon’s career has spanned academia, industry and economic development both in her home country of Scotland and the US. Following a PhD in Organometallic Chemistry, Sharon was awarded a prestigious Lindemann Trust Postdoctoral fellowship to work in the research labs of Professor Paul Wender at Stanford University before taking up a position within the medicinal chemistry department of Tularik, a biotech company based in the California Bay Area which was later acquired by Amgen.


Sharon returned to Scotland and joined Scottish Enterprise at the end of 2005 where she has held roles to support the growth of life science companies in Scotland while leading industry engagement activities, working with Scotland’s Life Sciences Advisory Board and the wider life sciences community on the life sciences strategy and action plan.


Sharon moved to SDI as Head of Life and Chemical Sciences in 2013, leading the strategy and support for both trade and inward investment for the life and chemical sciences sectors.


Scotland’s life sciences sector continues to grow and flourish. There are over 700 companies employing over 37,000 people, making Scotland one of the largest life sciences clusters in Europe. There is a connected community across industry, academia and the healthcare system that makes Scotland a great place to do business, carry out research and access skills and talent and an industry led strategy, supported by Government, that has an ambition to continue to grow and deliver global healthcare solutions. As part of this, the area of health technologies is a growing field, supported by Scottish Government’s Digital Health and Social Care Strategy.


In her current role within SDI, Sharon is continuing her work and passion for supporting companies across healthcare, technology and energy to advance their innovation and have their products and solutions reach new markets.

Dr Bhaskar Rajakumar - CEO, HealthConnect Digital

Dr Bhaskar Rajakumar, Co-Founder & CEO, HealthConnect Digital Private Limited.

His organisation, HealthConnect Digital Pvt Ltd, is a healthcare technology company, with key focus on edu-tech. Working along with educators from around the world, and using technology to enhance the reach and quality of medical education. At present HCDPL has reached 70000 plus doctors from 35 plus partner institutions across 10 countries. 


Dr Bhaskar is physician by academia, with specialisation in radiology and a masters in business administration. He comes with 10 plus years of clinical and administrative experience. He has a keen interest in new age technologies and is a key note speaker in multiple educational events. His key areas of interest include edu-tech, AI in healthcare, medico-legal aspects of health-tech. He was awarded as Top 100 Healthcare Leaders, Global Listing 2018 by World Health & Wellness Congress, India and among Top 50 Smart Healthcare Leaders, by SmartHealth, Dubai 2018.

Stephen Phillips - Director-General, InvestHK

Mr Stephen Phillips is the Director-General of Investment Promotion at Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), the Government Department responsible for attracting and facilitating foreign direct investment into Hong Kong.


Mr Phillips has served in senior positions in a number of private and public organisations. He lived and worked in Hong Kong from 1989 to 2004 holding senior investment banking positions with Deutsche and BZW/Barclays Capital before co-founding a Hong Kong-based group of companies providing IT, financial and consultancy services across Asia. In 2004, Mr Phillips joined UK Trade & Investment (now the UK’s Department of International Trade) before becoming the Chief Executive of the China Britain Business Council in 2006, as well as Chairman of the EU China Business Association.


Mr Phillips holds a BSc in Chemistry and Law from the University of Exeter.

Zain Rana - CEO and Co-founder, Pharmeum

Zain Rana is a specialised Blockchain architect with an unparalleled level of knowledge within the field of healthcare. Zain has brought several clinics to success within the UK, and graduated with the highest of honours in Biomedical Science. After founding Pharmeum in 2017, Zain has been widely known for his unique, and exciting vision in combining both Blockchain and AI, to revolutionise the healthcare industry.


From an early-stage, he has been known for his innovative solutions in the healthcare industry, using Blockchain and AI. He has worked for more than 5 years in private health clinics, and developed a key understanding of the issues that exist today, in both patients and healthcare professionals lives.

Zain’s vision is to be a pioneer in developing a truly sophisticated healthcare eco-system.

Ivan Devyatkov - Co-founder, Robomed Network

13 years in medical IT, Previously in Laboratory technologies, connecting professional technologies with web based solutions. For the Robomed network, looking to create superb product to provide the market with transparency and financial benefit for all the stakeholders including the patients.

Pradeep Goel - CEO, Solve.Care Foundation

Pradeep Goel spent more than 26 years in healthcare IT. During this time Pradeep Goel has built 4 healthcare IT companies and has been at the top of INC500 fastest growing companies lists multiple times. Pradeep is also on the 100 most promising entrepreneurs worldwide complied by Goldman Sachs CEO. In 2011 appointed by Governor of North Dakota to HITAC council to help direct state-wide health records initiatives for insurers and consumers. From 2012 to 2017 Pradeep has been working with healthcare initiatives of two US Presidents to design and build several public program solutions including Medicaid, Medicare, social services, children’s health, mental health and many other programs.

Michael Chan - Senior Vice President, Market Development Division, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)

Michael Chan is Senior Vice President of the Market Development Division of HKEX who heads the international issuer marketing efforts. Michael is mainly focused on market development work promoting the Hong Kong listing platform and origination work attracting international and biotechnology companies to list in Hong Kong. In addition to leading the marketing efforts globally and working closely with prospects and constituents, Michael often speaks and serves as panelist and keynote speaker at major conferences and events locally and internationally. Prior to his current role, Michael has worked at the Listing Division of HKEX for 8 years covering areas of compliance, corporate governance, regulatory and IPO-related matters.


Prior to joining HKEX, Michael has worked at various financial institutions in corporate finance and business development. Michael has more than 18 years of experience in financial services and regulatory work.

Dr Hanif Kanji - CEO, Sinophi Healthcare

Hanif is the founder and CEO of Sinophi Healthcare, which invests in and manages hospitals in China. Sinophi is focused on privatizing public hospitals in China’s third and fourth tier cities and targets public general and specialty hospitals, rehab and senior care.


Hanif qualified as a doctor and has spent over a decade in investment banking in London New York, Paris and Hong Kong. Hanif returned to healthcare in 2000 in a turnaround role as COO for Hong Kong for then HK-listed before founding Sinophi in 2004.


Hanif is active in Healthtech, applying technologies from IoT, Cloud, Blockchain, Robotics, ML and AI. While each of these technologies can enable us to deliver better and more effective healthcare, it is the combination of two or more of these technologies that really excites Hanif - the possibilities are endless!


Hanif graduated in medicine from Cambridge and has an MBA from Wharton.

Peter Tam - Chief Executive, The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers

Mr Peter C H Tam is the Chief Executive of The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI). He joined the Federation in September 2004 as Executive Director and was appointed to this position in January 2007. 

The HKFI is a trade body with 135 insurers operating in Hong Kong which represents over 90% of the market. As a self-regulatory body, it oversees the registration and market conduct of over 80,000 insurance agents. In 2015, the total gross premium of the Hong Kong insurance industry is HK$365.8 billion, i.e. US$46.9 billion.

Mr Tam has accumulated extensive management and public policy-making experience in various fields, including 10 years of Administrative Service with the Hong Kong Government from 1979 to1990 and four years with the Hong Kong Airport Authority from 1995 to 1999. From 2000 to 2004, Mr Tam was the Executive Director of the Tobacco Institute of Hong Kong.

Mr Tam was member of the Steering Committee on Mediation chaired by the Secretary for Justice. He was appointed by the Secretary for Food and Health as a member of the Consultative Group on Health Protection Scheme under the Health and Medical Development Advisory Committee. For six years from 2006 to 2012, Mr Tam was appointed by the Government as a member of the Statistics Advisory Board representing the insurance industry. He now sits on the Insurance Industry Training Advisory Committee under the Education Bureau as a member.

Amelie Dionne-Charest - Co-founder of Healthy Matters and Managing Director of AD MediLink

Amelie Dionne-Charest co-founded two Hong Kong-based businesses in the health space. Healthy Matters which is the leading source of trusted health information for women and families in Hong Kong and AD MediLink which provides health insurance advisory services to individuals and corporations. These two businesses share the same mission: empowering you with trusted health information so that you make the right decisions for yourself and your family. Ms. Dionne-Charest is a Canadian lawyer specialized in medical law and medical ethics. She is Chair of the Insurance & Healthcare Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce and received various prizes including the 2016 Entrepreneurial Achievers Under 35 Award by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Catherine Nance Common President of the Year Award by McGill University.

Dr Lydia Leung - CEO, Belun Technology

Dr. Lydia Leung is currently Chief Executive Officer of Belun Technology, which is in the frontier of home screening tool for sleeping disorder, respiratory and cardiovascular related diseases. Prior to joining Belun Technology, she was Director of the Opto-Electronic Technology Division at ASTRI. During her eleven years with ASTRI, she established the medical/healthcare electronic team and spearheaded its development. She was responsible for the strategic planning, R&D, patent portfolio, design, development and marketing of medical/healthcare electronic devices and telecare/telehealth system for chronic disease management.


Dr. Leung received her Ph.D., M.Phil. and B.Eng. degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She also holds a M.Sc. degree in Marketing from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has published over 30 journals and conference papers. She is co-author of a book chapter and also owner of 17 US/China patents.

Tytus Michalski - Co-founder & Managing Partner of Fresco Capital

Tytus Michalski is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Fresco Capital, a global early stage venture fund with a focus on companies transforming healthcare, education, and the future of work. Fresco has 50+ promising technology companies with an aggregate valuation of more than US$2B supported by a diverse team whose core mission is building global ecosystems.


Previously, Tytus was Chief Investment Officer of Equities at PMA Investment Advisors, an institutional Asia Pacific hedge fund, managing the equity funds and the equity team. He was a co-founder of PMA, which was started in 2002 and acquired in 2006 while in the process of scaling up to US$3B in assets under management. Before that, he was focused on equity investment with HSBC Asset Management in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and London.


Tytus graduated from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia (Finance with Honours), is a Leslie Wong Fellow alumnus of the UBC Portfolio Management Foundation, and holds the CFA designation. In his spare time, Tytus enjoys training and teaching traditional Okinawan karate as a third degree black belt.

Will Greene - Healthcare Journalist & Strategy Consultant, Tigermine

Will Greene is a writer and marketing consultant focused on Asia's emerging R&D ecosystems, particularly in healthcare and the learning sciences. He currently runs Tigermine, a consultancy that helps science and technology innovators succeed in Asia. Since moving to the region in 2010, he has worked with leading multinationals, innovative startups, trade associations, NGOs, universities, and research institutes.


In addition to his client work, Will also writes and speaks regularly about science and technology trends in Asia. His writing has appeared in Forbes, Techonomy, TechCrunch, The Diplomat, and other leading media outlets. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Amherst College.

Gavin Poon - Board Director, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)

Gavin grew up in Hong Kong, and has extensive experience in the life science industry from commercial to clinical development and medical affairs in numerous therapeutic area.


He is keen about the impact of policy making and translational medicine, and has obtained MPH (Health Economics, Policy and Management) from the University of Hong Kong and MPhil in Clinical Science (Experimental Medicine) from the University of Cambridge.


Being a digital enthusiast, Gavin loves to study how disruptive technology change industrial practice. He was appointed to the board of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation in July 2018, and also serves as a member in the Committee on Innovation, Technology & Re-industrialisation and the Statistics Advisory Board of the Government.

Albert Au - Founder, AcesoBee

Albert is the founder of AcesoBee (Cyberport Incubation Graudate), the creator of TeamCare, portable and affordable personal Personal Care Plan (PCP) and Point of Care (POC) system transform from the bedside nursing care plan used in Hospital.


A self-made entrepreneur in the eHealth and HealthTech industry, Albert started out as a Healthcare Solutions Specialist at IBM China / Hong Kong., he successfully founded his first business venture and was acquired by Quality Healthcare in 2001.


Albert holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and an MBA degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

David Drake - Founder & Chairman of LDJ Capital

David Drake is Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in worldwide funds accessing over trillions in assets and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners. LDJ Capital has holdings in Victoria Partners, a 500 family office network based in London; LDJ Real Estate Group; and The Soho Loft Media Group.

More recently, David Drake is also seen as a leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency. He saw the value of digital assets when everyone was avoiding it. It all started in 2011 when Drake collaborated on the JOBS Act to create new laws underlying all fundraising in the U.S. for all ICOs. He runs a $200M LDJ Cayman Fund focused on cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO acquisitions. LDJ Capital Credit also offers middle market bridge financing to seed upcoming ICO’s. Previously, he held a majority stake as a Managing Partner with Robert Hambrecht in an Alternative Energy Fund NewCommons Capital 2009-2010.

Drake has been involved in TMT (technology, media, telecoms), realty, hospitality, cleantech, energy, and social impact investments for more than 20 years. He is an advocate of innovative investing in private equity, capital formation policies and developments globally, and the US JOBS Act which he lobbied for in the US Congress and the EU Commission. Because of his leading work in this space, he represented the US Commerce Department at the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome in 2012 and was invited to the White House Champions of Change ceremony in Washington, D.C. and as a speaker at the UK Parliament in 2013.​

Dr Ricky Chiu - Chairman & CEO, PHASE Scientific

Ricky Chiu, Ph.D., is the CEO and Founder of Phase Scientific International Limited (PHASE Scientific), and lead inventor of the company’s underlying technology. A native of Hong Kong with a strong desire to pursue a career in science, he studied in the U.S.A. after completing secondary school in Hong Kong. He became a project manager at Alere, a global diagnostics leader, where he successfully developed several novel diagnostic products from design to market.

Leveraging his experience at Alere, Ricky pursued his Ph.D. in bioengineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), with a focus on cutting-edge diagnostics development. His doctorate research led to his invention of a revolutionary sample-preparation technology that can improve the sensitivity of most diagnostic tools, without the need for power, equipment and trained personnel. Ricky founded the company in 2011 with the goal of commercializing his invention. Since then, he and the company have been the recipient and principal of multiple grants and awards, including from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For the past three years, Ricky has successfully raised over USD$10 million in funding from governments, non-profit organizations and investors. Currently, PHASE Scientific has over 40 employees, 30 patents granted or filed, and operations in the U.S.A., China, and Hong Kong. The company plans to launch multiple products in 2019.

Catherine Chen - Founder, CSO & Managing Partner, AvantFaire Investment Management

Catherine is a serial entrepreneur and has founded AvantFaire Investment Management in Hong Kong and Impactlytics in Canada focusing on impact investing and analytics. AvantFaire Investment Management focuses on asset management services to professional investors on impact investing in three main industries: financial innovation, healthcare, and education. Catherine has more than two decades of experiences in the Chinese healthcare system and has been involved in healthtech for more than five years. Catherine focuses on healthcare investment that enable inclusions and basic healthcare services in the ASEAN Region, AI and other technologies that enhance and develop traditional Chinese medication, technologies and innovations that solve pressing global societal problems, and healthcare system as a whole.


Catherine also worked in renowned financial institutions in Canada and China including the Royal Bank of Canada. She advised ultra-high net worth clients and family offices on all asset classes. Catherine holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, an MSc in Economics and a BSc in Economics and Statistics from University College London and the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) designation.


Catherine earned the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award from the University of Toronto in 2017 for her long–term commitment and contribution to the local community.

Karin Munasinghe, PhD - Senior VP, APAC Marketing, Fresenius Medical Care

Karin has 20 years work experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries having worked in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, China, Singapore & Sweden. She has held various senior management positions for MNC’s such as Eli Lilly, Medtronic and Baxter. She is currently the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Asia Pacific at Fresenius Medical Care. Karin’s business experiences include Strategy Development & Implementation, Sales & Marketing Management, Business & People Development, Corporate Transformations and Mergers & Acquisitions.


She has an MBA from London Business School, a Ph.D. in Genetic Engineering (King’s College, London) & recently completed the Financial Times Non Executive Director’s diploma.


In her spare time she mentors healthtech start-ups & is one of the Co-founders on the Healthcare Drinks networking event (

Yannick Even - Director, Head of InsurTech Solutions, Swiss Re Asia

Yannick is the Head of InsurTech Solutions for Swiss Re since 2016, driving the ideation, design and delivery of technology, innovative digital and data driven solutions for insurers across Asia.


Prior to that role, Yannick was leading the Digital and Innovation practice of KPMG China Advisory helping insurers solving their business pain points with agile and quick testing of emerging technology together with selected tech partners.


Yannick has led the delivery of innovative insurance solutions integrating alternative data and effective customer engagement from technology such as digital health platforms, IoT, wearables, Blockchain/DLT, Smart Car, Smart Home…


Yannick has over 15 years of experience delivering Data Analytics and tech-enabled solutions worldwide. He has been based in Hong Kong since 2010 and is regularly invited to share his experience at technology and insurance industry events. He is also an active member of the HKFI Insurtech taskforce, a mentor to various tech innovators and an ambassador of La Frenchtech across the HK/Shenzhen region.

Gavin Teo - General Partner, B Capital Group

Gavin Teo is a General Partner at B Capital Group, a $360M US and Singapore-based venture capital fund, where he leads healthcare investing and runs the San Francisco office. Mr. Teo serves as a Board Director for SilverCloud Health,, AImotive, Atomwise and Fishbrain and co-manages the firm’s investments in Evidation Health and CXA. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Galen Growth Asia, the leading digital health industry group for Asia.


Prior to joining B Capital Group, Mr. Teo spent five years at Comcast Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Comcast and NBC Universal. Earlier in his career, he was a product manager for FarmVille at Zynga, a management consultant at Bain & Company, and served in the Singapore Armed Forces.


Mr. Teo was born in Singapore and grew up in Hong Kong. He earned his M.B.A. from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated as a Palmer Scholar, and earned his B.A. from Claremont McKenna College.

Dr Hazel Zuellig, MD, MBA, FPNA - Director, Centre Médicale Internationale

Dr Hazel Zuellig is a practicing neurologist at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center and the new Centre Médicale Internationale in the Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. She graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine and did her residency training in Neurology at the Philippine General Hospital. She has special interests in epilepsy and chronic pain management. She attends to general neurology cases in both her clinics. Dr Zuellig represents the Philippines in international forums on epilepsy, public health and access to neurological medications.


Dr Zuellig holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is currently the President of the Z Healthcare Asia Holdings Corporation, a company that operates specialty clinics in the Philippines.

Jude Uzonwanne - Principal, IQVIA

Jude Uzonwanne is a Principal with IQVIA, the world’s largest pure play healthcare adviser. Based in Singapore, Jude leads IQVIA’s work with strategic planning and transaction advisory for clients across the Asia Pacific region as well as select clients based in the United States.

Jude’s work is increasingly focused on the future of healthcare and health systems, and how existing infrastructure, work processes, HCP deployment models, and patient care approaches will evolve driven by structural shifts such as aging, growth in NCDs, integration of digital tools into care, and the need for managing public health budgets. Using a variety of methodologies, he is working with a range of clients to reimagine what the health system should be.

With over 18 years of experience in healthcare and life sciences, advising pharmaceutical multinationals, Jude’s work has also included advising pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, hospitals, healthcare IT services companies, and other health care providers. In the course of his work, Jude has developed expert capabilities in strategy (corporate, BU, franchise area), transaction models (licensing, M&A), commercial models, and public health policy planning. Across his client work, Jude maintains a consistent objective: support clients to evaluate.

Prior to IQVIA, Jude held senior roles at a number of firms including but not limited to EY Parthenon, Bain & Company, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DDB Health, and Monitor Group. In these roles, he supported a variety of clients across global markets on issues ranging from improving hospital efficiency to new models for improving access to vaccines. His geographic experience is equally extensive; he has worked and/or lived in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, China, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. Jude is a double BA (Hons) in Economics and Political Sciences graduate of Swarthmore College

Almir Salimov - IR Director, Pregnancy Tracker

Before joining Pregnancy Tracker Mr. Salimov has successfully fundraised capital for several large blockchain projects in South Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Mr. Salimov’s professional background includes a variety of business development, consulting and executive roles at Booz&Co, BP, MerrillLynch, Skolkovo Foundation and Mr. Salimov is a Chevening scholar, holds an MBA degree from INSEAD, and Master’s degree with Distinction in IT management from London School of Economics and Political Science.

Juwan Lee - Chairman & CEO, NexChange Group

Juwan Lee is an entrepreneur, VC, blockchain and fintech influencer, and investment professional with three decades of investment industry experience where he managed portfolios and organizations on behalf of multi-billion dollar hedge funds, proprietary trading desks, asset management and venture capital firms.
He is the Chairman and CEO of NexChange, a venture innovation platform, CEO of Arrakis Ventures and co-Founder and Director of the Blockchain Centre of Hong Kong. Along with Cyberport, he co-created the Fintech O2O brand. His firm, NexChange, created the Block O2O brand connecting the global blockchain sector and the Healthtech O2O brand for the healthtech community.
Mr Lee is formerly the CIO of the largest Shanghai-based asset management firm. He spent numerous years at JP Morgan in a variety of roles from principal investments to heading equity within the asset management division. As an early pioneer in managing technology portfolios, he worked with SAC Capital, Osprey, Rothschild and Montgomery. He funded many star companies in Silicon Valley (including Netscape, Yahoo and Eidos - Tomb Raider), Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park, Bangalore India, Korea and Israel.

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