Adidas Now Has a Fitness and Lifestyle App For Women

As people increasingly download a plethora of apps to help them with everything from fitness to diet to sleep, Adidas sensed there was a market for a new kind of app: One that consolidates all of these health and wellness needs into one lifestyle app.

Enter the "All Day App," an app platform that Adidas designed for women, as Fast Company reports. According to Adidas, the app provides women with "workout challenges, yoga classes, nutrition insights and tips for mindset."

Meg Burich, Adidas' marketing strategy lead for the All Day app, tells Fast Company that the company was looking at the specific trends that are popular in female fitness "and as people are starting to use technology to manage their whole health, through exercising, eating right, appreciating the value of sleep and meditation, Adidas wanted to find a way to create an experience that could address all of it."

With the All Day app, Burich says that Adidas aims to "marry all these four pillars of performance in one place.”

“In the app space we noticed a few things,” says Burich. “We had just come out of the 10,000 steps trend, which got a lot of people into the app space, but while that approach was enlightening for people, then what? They had calibrated their day, figured out what was a good day, what was a bad day, then stopped wearing their devices and engaging in the long run. So we asked ourselves what we could do to help people stay engaged with a healthy routine.”

At the center of the app is content, which Adidas is calling "discoveries." The content features various influencers providing recipes and dispensing advice on everything from yoga to fitness to meditation.

Photo: Adidas

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